Ten Things Nobody Told You about Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are trendy among the available materials for home interior decoration. Meanwhile, it shows that there may still be some more items to learn about this item. Nevertheless, at Tile and Bath Co, we have a collection of important household interior designs for practical furnishing of the home. These items are functional, timeless, and work perfectly for all the home sections, including your bathroom and the kitchen. You can buy subway tiles online by visiting https://tileandbathco.com.au/collections/subway-tiles.

Therefore, as popular as subway tiles are, there are still many things that no one knows yet. This article deals with these items.

Ten Things Nobody Told You about Subway Tiles

10 Strangest Things to learn about Subway Tiles

1. Subway Started in Underground Manhattan

By now, you may have heard that the subway tiles were first used in faraway New York City in the US. Meanwhile, you should know that it came out of obscurity in that the first place was underground. The intention was not to hide it but rather to choose a material that could be worth the effort of transporting in lonely places as subway routes. Moreover, the professional architects and designers who got the credits are George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge. 

At the same time, they chose this design due to its ability to clean it easily while feeling safe. This familiar terrain is also very friendly with the surrounding area, but it may still be a mystery how it journeyed into the home. However, we all know how we feel when using the subway tiles as it creates a peaceful environment for city dwellers. Moreover, the solution comes with curved edges, and a glossy finish can mean that you now have a well-polished material for your wall and floor. 

2. First Subway Tiles still exist in abandoned Subway Stations

Designers and contemporary homeowners that love to catch a glimpse of subway tiles can still visit New York City subway station. There you will find the City Hall stop, a now-abandoned facility where the subway tiles were first used. Moreover, the New York Transit Museum even offers tours to anyone who will love to check them out to have a feel. On the other hand, New Yorkers can even stay on the 6-train route to catch a glimpse of these fanciful sets of subway tiles. 

3. Subway Tiles rose from Hygiene Obsession 

When the designers made subway tiles, it was with the hygienic mind that the Victorian era fixed cleanliness. In addition to the typical cleanliness, other similar attributes of the subway tiles include a glazed finish, glossy outlook, stain resistance and light reflection. In a short while, subway tiles gained lots of reputation through their sanitary and practical properties. And in no time, the subway tiles became the choice covering is suitable for bathroom and kitchen and at butcher shops. Meanwhile, recently, these properties are why the practical selection of subway tiles is excellent for your home interiors. 

4. The Subway Tiles Classic Dimensions

If all you think of subway tiles are the conventional rectangular shape, you still need to think twice. Subway tiles go beyond the standard size of 3 x 6 inches to move an expended rectangular shape that can be as long as 24 inches. There are now square subway tiles in creating some exceptional designs and patterns. In other words, tiles can also become twice as long as they are wide and still help set new designs. 

5. Subway Tiles consists of Stones and Glass too

The earliest subway tiles were made of ceramic, but the more recent ones now comprise porcelain, glass, and stone. They can even consist of other precious materials such as onyx, But as it stands, the official definition of subway tiles refers to a glazed, thin and low-fired ceramic tile. Meanwhile, according to a publication by Washington, post-https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/home/how-subway-tile-became-the-go-to-solution-for-farmhouse-chic/2018/01/12/45ff2a18-deab-11e7-8679-a9728984779c_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.185ff196c0ba, the first set of subway tiles were made from white glass. So, you can rest assured that the subway tiles in the market can be made from diverse materials, including marble, stone, glass and other precious materials. 

6. You can get it for less than $1

Subway tiles are comprehensive in their cost, particularly when you get to choose some of the costliest materials. However, the joy is that the minimum price is still less than $1 per tile as wide as it is. This rate is equivalent to about $8 per square foot of a wall or floor surface. In the Tile and Bath Co online retail store, you can get some of the best collections of subway tiles of fanciful designs at affordable prices. We display some handmade artisan representations for your home interior for as much as $60 per square foot. Other sources support the approved sources of subway tiles in Sydney, Australia. 

7. Effect of Grout

Don’t underrate the importance of grout in installing your subway tiles. Many designers and homeowners may think of the grout as an afterthought. Surprisingly, the choice of pattern you want can largely depend on the grout you choose, both in texture and color. In other words, the grout can determine both the look and the style of your subway tiles. So, you have the choice of a dark-colored grout containing charcoal or a white or off-white one for modeling and remodeling.

Ten Things Nobody Told You about Subway Tiles

8. Patterns are limitless

Another joy of designers when handling subway tiles is that they can hardly run out of ideas of patterns to use. While there are common patterns for tiles such as the herringbone and the Chevron, other non-conventional types also exist. For instance, you can try out the basketweave, offset vertical or horizontal, as well as different variations from pre-existing ones. 

9. Subway Tiles are not primarily for floors

Although people choose subway tiles for floors, it is not always the best. Perhaps, the suitability is because of the thin shape or its inability to bear weight for a long time. The critical point is that subway tiles 

10. Subway Tiles are exceptionally Classic

Think of subway tiles as a good pair of jeans. Right now, people can hardly remember the first place where jeans were first worn. Nevertheless, you cannot deny that a good pair of jeans cannot run out of vogue. We will instead enjoy different varieties of different shapes and styles rather than replacing them altogether. In other words, subway tiles are equally priceless, practical and timeless parts of our traditional interior designs.